Lifestyle & Flexible Visit Options

Grooming, Lifestyle & Flexible Visit Options

Grooming & Styling

Our resident groomer provides quality grooming services and breed-specific cuts. Our services range from full clips, face clips, wash and tidy, to pure pampering with a nail trim, bath and blow dry. We tailor the grooming to each individual pet. Feline patients typically require sedation for grooming and are cared for by our anaesthetic trained nurses.

Kiss & Drop Service

We offer a unique 'Kiss & Drop' service for our busy clients. If your pet needs a consultation or veterinary treatment but you need to get to work or are busy with the kids - no problem! Simply 'kiss & drop' your pet with us, we will complete their treatments whilst you're gone and take care of them until you return at no extra cost.

Home Visits

There are many reasons why some people prefer to have a home visit rather than coming to the vets. We understand this, and can organise to come to you in most cases. *Please contact us for availability and more information.

Puppy Preschool

Ah, puppies! They are so cute and easy to love and spoil with cuddles and treats and toys. But just like kids they need to learn right from wrong, and how to behave (especially in public!) and interact. Puppy preschool improves the bond between you and your puppy, so you can enjoy doing things together, forever! Please ask us about how to get involved and register for this service, it's truly an invaluable experience.

Cattery & The Beaches Luxury Cat Resort

We designed our cattery with our little feline friends in mind. We have created a cat haven, a comfortable nurturing and peaceful place for cats to stay whilst you're away. All of our enclosures are spacious and inviting and stimulating with soft comfortable bedding. The best part is the custom made ultimate cat gym, a wonderful place that our cats get to experience daily, where they can exercise and relax. Our nurses are also particularly astute to the needs and likes of cats, and always take that little bit of extra time to give them a little head rub or cuddle. If your cat has medical conditions or special needs we are almost always able to accommodate them

Export and Pet Travel Services

All of our vets can assist you with export enquiries. Dr Natalie Slade is an accredited AQIS/Export veterinarian and has had additional government training to assist clients in traveling with their pets. We can also provide advice for more local travel, including patients with travel sickness and anxiety.

Pet Resorts Drop-Off Location

We are a registered drop-off point for Pet Resorts, which means if you're going away and you'd like to send your pets to a Pet Resorts location to stay, you can book them in and drop them off with us, rather than having to drive them to Pet Resorts yourself.

Personalised Diet & Exercise Plans

If your pet is struggling to keep their weight in check and you feel they need some help, we can build a Personalised Diet & Exercise Plan. This will give them the best chance at a healthy lifestyle and help avoid lifestyle related disease.

Second Opinions

Sometimes you just want a second opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. For whatever reason, we are happy to see clients who are seeking a review or alternative advice for their pet.

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