Medicine & Diagnostics

Medicine & Diagnostics

Medical Consulting & Advice

We offer a full range of medical and consulting services. Our experienced team can guide you through the examination, assessment and planning process to give you and your pet the best outcome possible. Our vets and nurses are experienced and qualified to give you advice on veterinary matters.

Emergency, critical care & hospitalisation

In the event of an emergency or major accident or illness we have facilities and equipment to deal with most emergency situations. For patients requiring hospitalisation we have a fully equipped veterinary hospital and intensive care unit to care for them, along with an experienced team and brand new patient monitoring equipment. Should your pet require advanced specialist care or overnight intensive monitoring we can arrange for this to occur.

Diagnostic Radiology (Digital X-ray) & Ultrasound

Our clinic has a brand new digital X-Ray system so we can produce high quality & detailed radiographic images to maximise the diagnostic potential. We also have a brand new ultrasound machine kept on-site, which can provide invaluable information to us for a range of cases including abdominal illnesses, bladder disease and motor vehicle accidents. We are also lucky enough to have access to internal medicine specialists and a cardiologist who can perform specialist ultrasounds at our clinic if required. Quality diagnostic imaging is so important for good decision making for your pet's treatment.

Pathology, Laboratory & Blood Testing

The Beaches Vet has an on-site laboratory, that can process samples on the day you visit, and in many cases while you wait. We have a brand new blood testing machine which can run comprehensive blood tests. We can also perform many urine tests, skin tests and lump checks in-house. If required we can send samples for additional or more advanced tests to a highly skilled veterinary pathologist/external laboratory. This includes tests such as urine cultures, histopathology (biopsy analysis), faecal PCR tests, vaccine titre tests and more.

Pharmacy & Medications

We have an extensive in-house pharmacy stocking quality medications to best treat your pet. We are able to special order any additional medications and products your pet requires. We also stock special foods for medical conditions and sick patients.


Skin and ear problems are probably some of the most common problems we are presented with, and they are often the most frustrating for owners. We can diagnose and help manage dermatological problems, offering the latest in skin therapies and tests so that we can keep your patient's symptoms as controlled as possible.

Oncology (Cancer)

Cancer is just as prevalent in pets as it is in people. Advanced diagnostics and improved standards of care have allowed us to diagnose and treat pet cancers much more readily and effectively. We can guide you through the tests and the most appropriate treatment options. In many cases, if indicated, we can perform chemotherapy at our hospital to improve the quality of life of your loved pet.


There are big behaviour problems, and then the more niggling issues. Dogs and cats can suffer from issues like anxiety, fear, boredom and aggression. They can also be a bit cheeky and misbehaved and just need some extra help with training. Pets can also commonly exhibit behavioural changes as a response to illness or pain. We are here to help pinpoint the primary cause of any such behaviours and prescribe behavioural modifications and treatments where necessary. We also have access to other resources such as trainers, special programs and specialists if required. Our aim is to help your best friend have the best life!

Specialist Medical Visits & Referrals

There are times when it is valuable or necessary to seek specialist advice & we are very lucky to have the ability to refer you to some of the best specialists in Australia. We have regular specialists who can visit our clinic to see your pet, or we can refer you to a specialist at a specialist centre if required. Because of our wonderful facilities we can offer quite extensive specialist services on site at our hospital for your convenience.

Palliative Care & Euthanasia

Unfortunately there are circumstances where we need to say goodbye to our beloved pets. Whether due to accident, injury, illness or reduced quality of life with old age, we appreciate the difficulty that comes with making this decision. We are here to help you through this process, and alleviate your beautiful pet from any unnecessary suffering or pain. All of our staff are extremely compassionate and understanding, and will do anything they can to make this experience as peaceful as possible for you and your beloved pet.

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