Routine & Preventative Care

Routine & Preventive Care

Health Checks

Regular health checks are important to maintain optimum health for your pet. Whether you have a young puppy or an elderly cat, having them checked means that any health concerns can be detected and addressed promptly. Health checks include providing any relevant information to your vet regarding your pets health via a thorough history, a physical examination including weight monitoring, checking any specific health concerns and a discussion with your veterinarian to assess any issues and plan how they will be managed. As a guide, most pets require 1-2 general health checks per year, and more if any illnesses or accidents occur. Patients with ongoing health problems or medications require more regular visits for health checks, along with our senior patients who need to be checked often. There are many diseases that are preventable, treatable or can be improved with early diagnosis and treatment. This is why health checks are so essential.


Vaccinating against preventable disease is just as essential in pets as it is in people. We are very lucky to have highly effective vaccines readily available for several diseases affecting our pets in Australia, including:
Canines Parvovirus, Hepatitis & Distemper
Canine Kennel cough
Canine Leptospirosis
Cat Flu
Feline Aids & Leukaemia
Rabies (for cats and dogs who will travel or be exported from Australia)
And more
We only use reputable vaccines with a high safety margin and minimal side effects.
We tailor our vaccination schedule to your pets individual needs.


Microchipping is a procedure that involves inserting a small chip into the area under the skin between the shoulder blades. This is done to permanently identify your pet via a unique number that can be read from the microchip using a microchip scanner. All companion dogs and cats in NSW are required by law to be microchipped. The procedure is quick and can often be during a consultation appointment, or at the time of desexing. The purpose of the microchip is to ensure that if your pet is injured, lost or stolen that the owner can be contacted via their details on the microchip register online.

Desexing (Neutering)

Desexing is something very important to consider for your pet, and it has a range of health and behavioural benefits. We can guide you through all of the information and help you make the most appropriate decisions for your pet's ongoing health. Usually desexing is performed at around 5-6 months of age, but some specific patients may be recommended to wait a little later. If your pet is already adult age the surgery can still be performed and is usually still strongly recommended. In males desexing is called castration, and it involves surgery to remove the testicles. This not only prevents breeding, but also nasty testicular cancers, some prostatic diseases and undesirable behaviours. In females desexing is called a Spey or Ovariohysterecromy. It involves the surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus from the abdomen to eliminate the chance of pregnancy. Most importantly, it virtually eliminates the risk of ovarian cancer, uterine cancers and uterine infections, and also significantly reduces the risk of mammary cancers too. And just like in the males, there are behavioural advantages also.

Flea, Tick, Intestinal Worming & Heartworm

We ensure that your pet is kept up to date by offering quality, effective preventative treatment options for fleas, ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms. We try to make your life as easy as possible by using products that are either injectable, have a long duration or are a bit tasty, but failing that our staff are happy to administer preventative treatments on your behalf when they are due. Just pop in and we can help! It is important to choose your preventative care products with veterinary advice, as not all products (although routinely used and available) are suited to all pets, especially if they are older or have an underlying medical condition. We stock products that we feel are safe, effective and trusted options on the market.

Nutritional Advice & Foods

We only stock the best, highly quality and scientifically proven diets available. We have a wide range of diets and foods on hand, including prescription foods used as treatments for specific illnesses or conditions. If there is a specific food you need that we don't routinely stock we can have it ordered to our clinic for you. We have a Prescriptions & Orders Form on our website so you can order your pet's food easily this way. If your pet is struggling to keep their weight in check and you feel they need some help, we can build a Personalised Diet & Exercise Plan. This will give them the best chance at a healthy lifestyle and help avoid lifestyle related disease

Kiss & Drop Service & Home Visits

Kiss & drop Service
We offer a unique 'Kiss & Drop' service for our busy clients. If your pet needs a consultation or veterinary treatment but you need to get to work or are busy with the kids - no problem! Simply 'kiss & drop' your pet with us, we will complete their treatments whilst you're gone and take care of them until you return at no extra cost.
Home visits
There are many reasons why some people prefer to have a home visit rather than coming to the vets. We understand this, and can organise to come to you in most cases. Please contact us for availability and more information.

Dental Checks

Visiting the dentist and oral hygiene is so important for our overall health, and the same applies for pets. Remember, pets age faster than people too, so dental disease is often quicker to develop or progress. We can perform regular dental checks for your pet, and assess their dental condition. There are a range of dietary and home care options available; we can help you find the most effective prophylactic dental care, and let you know when a prophylactic or therapeutic dental treatment is required. Remember dental disease is an incredibly common condition, with 80% of dogs and 70% of cats having at least some level of periodontal disease by the age of 3 years.

Pet Insurance

Insurance information can be difficult to navigate, with so many different plans and levels of cover. We can help you determine the potential for certain conditions in your pet to help you choose the most appropriate health cover and provide you with options here. We also help with claiming after your treatments, and in many cases can now perform a fast tracked online claim for many popular insurance policies - getting you money back faster.

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